Birthday at the Park

We celebrated two recent birthdays on Sunday. My oldest son turned 36 (wow!!) and Dan (Shannon’s husband) turned 41 (double wow!). Well, they’re nothing more than #’s we tell ourselves but it still is hard to believe we have children in their mid-30’s. Both Rebecca and I started having kids early in life which means we are now able to enjoy our grown children and grandchildren. It’s great being in our mid-50’s and having such a large family – eight grandchildren (and counting). Lucky for us, we see them regularly. We love them all.

We celebrated the birthdays at the Huntington Beach Concert in the Park event. It’s held at HB Central Park – a  large park with a wonderful sports complex, plenty of parking and room to stretch out a blanket. The event this week featured The Night Blooming Jazzmen. They played traditional New Orleans Jazz and Blues. I spent some time roaming the scene and taking photos of everything and anything that captured my fantasy. But, the real event was the family gathering for Doug and Dan’s birthdays.

Rebecca reminded me that we hosted a graduation party here for Shannon. Let’s see – that would have been over 11 years ago. She’s since finished her Masters in Math. She’s been a High School Math teacher for many years now. Here’s a picture from her Master’s Degree graduation event over 5 years ago.

Shannon is also the mother of our youngest grandchild – Nathan. You can see his infant photos on the blog post from June 19th. There will be many more photos of Nathan – guaranteed. We currently have nearly 2,000 photos of Benjamin – his 8 year old cousin.

Rebecca and I brought some fried chicken and potato salad. There was wine, crackers, cheese, salami and cupcakes for the birthday celebrations.

Here are some of my favorite photos from the crowd.

And here are some family photos. Shannon with Nathan, Daisy in a Tutu and her father, Doug, holding Nathan (who seems to be a bit unhappy). Everyone had a great time – the weather was terrific (Just another day in paradise) and in 5 years we’ll look back and ask “Where have the years gone?”


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