Family – Ben’s School Award

Schools offer awards for many things including academic and sports achievement. These categories can be significant in the later stages of education. But in elementary school we think a citizenship award speaks volumes about the child and his/her potential. We’re not just saying that because Benjamin won a citizenship award but …. that might have something to do with it.

Ben is an average student at this stage (2nd grade) in his academic career. His ADHD is a bit of a problem but he’s making progress and the staff at Crown Valley Elementary School are terrific partners. Here we see Ben in a quiet study mode …. ooops, that looks like an i-Pad ….. oh well, it’s certainly a quiet moment.

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Rebecca took time off to attend the event and, being a grandmother and photographer, she took her camera gear. Here we see Ben’s younger sister (kindergarten) waiting anxiously for her brother’s big moment.

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You’ve got to love this shot of Ben returning a high-five on his way to receive the certificate. Leave it to Rebecca to capture a great moment.

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Here we see Ben with fellow award recipients. This photo will help him remember his achievement and the pride  he felt for being recognized as a Good Citizen – a trait that will serve him well throughout his academic and professional life.

We’re proud of you Ben – keep it up buddy!!!

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