Family Happenings – Move to Newport Beach

Two weeks ago Rebecca and I visited Shannon and Nathan. We played with Nathan amongst the clutter of boxes that were being filled for an impending move.

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Well, the move happened last weekend. Now …. Rebecca and I have plenty of experience moving, as do most people. But I’m sorry to say we weren’t able to apply our own lessons learned to this moving adventure.

Rebecca was in Las Vegas with her brother for the annual Baker to Vegas run. A large collection of police agencies get together, form teams, and run (in the heat) from Baker, CA to Las Vegas, NV. Sounds almost as much fun as moving, doesn’t it!?!

With Rebecca out of town I had nothing better to do than join the moving fun. But – I was suffering mightily from cold/flu symptoms that made it impossible for me to help in a meaningful way. So I stopped by for a short visit to cheer on the troops and take some pictures of the new house. Oh yeah – I bought lunch for the troops. So I did help a bit but I didn’t touch a single piece of furniture – I didn’t want to spread any germs. (That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.)

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This new house is a real winner. They’re moving from paradise …. to paradise; from Huntington Beach …. to Newport Beach. The new house is one block from Lido Isle. What a fabulous neighborhood. All these years when we’ve driven to NB we’ve sat on the 55 freeway breathing car fumes. Well – here’s a secret. Take Irvine Blvd instead. It parallels the freeway and takes you along a scenic route with views of Upper Newport Bay (more on that in a minute).

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Back to the mansion/house. Shannon (daughter), Dan (son-in-law) and Nathan (grandson) are going to share this mansion with Shannon’s mom (Diane) and her husband (Dan W). That’s Dan W moving furniture in the photo above. Very cozy and a great combination for all involved (especially if you get the master bathroom!!). Diane has been sitting for Nathan 2-3 days per week. How much easier is that going to be now that they are in the same home??

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I didn’t stay long but, as I mentioned, I catered the event (pizza from the local NY-style pizzeria). We all took a break in the kitchen. Shannon decided to swoop Nathan up lest he get stepped on.

While others did the heavy lifting I took a few photos of the backyard. The photo below is/was a panoramic shot done automatically with our favorite compact camera – the Sony NEX 5N. But the format of this webpage makes it impossible to show the full panorama.

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But the highlight of the yard is the garden area – complete with a statue. I look forward to seeing what Shannon and Diane do with this area.

OK – so when the guys left for a second truck load I headed home. On the way I took advantage of the view along Irvine Blvd. I stopped at the Peter & Mary Muth Interpretive Center. It wasn’t open but I spent a few minutes walking and exploring.

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I would have jumped on the trails but …. did I mention the flu/cold symptoms? Yes, they were real and I felt less than real. So I took a few photos and headed home.

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But, rest assured, we’ll be visiting the NB mansion often and will no doubt take advantage of the trails. I’m sure the grandkids will love the hikes.

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