Family Happenings – Thanksgiving Blessings

Today is Thanksgiving and Rebecca and I have much to be thankful for. We have celebrated 17 Thanksgiving holidays together. Over that time period we’ve melded two families resulting in nine grandchildren. We would like to thank our children for the non-conditional love they bestow upon our grandchildren. To celebrate this family holiday we’d like to share a few photographs we took today of Nathan with his loving parents. Nathan is the first child for Shannon, our daughter, and her loving husband Dan.

These holiday photographs bear witness to the love Nathan receives on a daily basis. He’s a lucky child and we’re very proud grandparents. All of our grandchildren receive this same level of love and for that we’re very, very thankful.

Rebecca and I wish you and your entire, extended family a very happy Holiday. We hope you were able to enjoy a loving family event and we wish you and yours the best of health and happines.

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