Family Happenings – Visit with Nathan

It was a rainy day Friday so Rebecca and I took the opportunity to drive to Huntington Beach to visit Shannon and our grandson Nathan. It’s not a particularly long drive. They live near the beach and far from the freeway. With any traffic it’s at least a 35-minute drive. But, it’s time well spent when we get to visit. Unfortunately since we left at midday to avoid traffic we missed Dan, Nathan’s Dad. (My new Chevy Volt is looking sharp and shiny in the rain. The more I drive it the more I like it!!).

Shannon and Dan have sold their home and are in the process of finding a larger one. Everyone loved visiting this house partly because it’s walking distance from Main St. and the Huntington Beach pier. We took advantage of that location often and never had to fight for parking during big events such as the US Open of Surfing. If you’re in town – take the kids – it’s one fun-filled weekend with a lot going on besides a great surf competition. This year it starts in late July and finishes on the first weekend of August.

The house they’re in now is quite small – a classic HB cottage. It’s great when you’re single but now they have an infant and they’re planning for another child soon so it’s time to move. Of course, that means packing and boxes and clutter – oh well. I’m glad Rebecca and I are set in our recently-refurbished “castle” in Laguna Niguel. We’re a short 5-minute drive from Salt Creek Beach – living in paradise and not planning to move.

With all the clutter it was tough to grab anything more than “snapshots” but that didn’t keep us from having fun.

Rebecca and Nathan had a lot of fun with a variety of toys. At one point she adorned him with a toy crown. He decided it was time to do his “touchdown” imitation – his dad is a huge football fan.

Rebecca and I prefer baseball so I set him up for some infield practice.

It’s clear both he and I had a good time even in the space-constrained environment.

Of course, all that playing led to a hungry young lad. Nathan doesn’t hesitate to inform Mom that he’s hungry. And when he’s hungry he can chow down with the best of them.

It was a great visit – we’re hoping their move goes well. They won’t stray far from their current location so we’ll be visiting regularly.

Of course, we may have to fight the parking wars for this year’s US Open of Surfing. If you see us there be sure to give us a shout out.


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