Portraits at the Park

Today we took the grandkids to the local park for a fun, early-evening prelude to supper and homework. We brought our newest camera – the Canon 5D Mark III – and ended up with some terrific “family environmental portraits”.

These outdoor portrait photo sessions are our favorites (especially when we’re photographing our grandkids!!). The photographs are a combination of spontaneous moments and “semi-posed” portraits. Take a peek at this slideshow and ask yourself if this is the type of family portraiture you would cherish. If so – drop us a note and we’ll arrange for a fun, family outing at a location you choose. (PS – Try the video in 720 HD format by clicking on the Change Quality button. Go full screen for max effect!!).

While we have an intimate studio that is available to our clients, we prefer to photograph families at locations that are familiar and significant to them. Many clients have images taken at their home or at a favorite outdoor spot (local park, favorite beach, etc.). Rebecca and I can recommend many locations that will enhance your family portraits. We will make your family/child portrait session short and enjoyable. This session with the grandkids lasted only 30 minutes.

It’s our job to make your family look its best.  We do this in two ways.

1 – Our approach allows your family to relax and look natural. We don’t pose – rather we give direction. Rebecca will put everyone in comfortable, relaxed positions helping with posture and positioning to ensure everyone (especially Mom) looks their best. We will often tell you to go play and have fun together so that we can capture playful family interactions and timeless expressions of love. The kids on the slide in this video/slideshow certainly serves as a great example of this. We’ll make sure Dad and the children will have fun allowing their individual personalities and natural expressions to show.

2 – Every photograph is color corrected and artfully enhanced. We have years of experience and training with image enhancement software. Color correction and retouching is done to make your family look great without any indication of retouching. We offer image enhancements that create a painterly look (as shown in this photo) suitable for framing. We offer black and white, sepia toned and several other image enhancements options.

We hope you enjoy the slideshow. We certainly would enjoy capturing your family in a similar setting.

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