Tuesday Photography Tip – Beach Photos #2

Today we will complete our list of tips for Beach Photography. Be sure to read last week’s installment to get the complete list of tips.

Beach Photo Tip #5 – Fill Flash

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We ended last week’s post with a discussion of contrast and exposure. Today we identify an easy way to balance the background and foreground lighting levels. It’s a technique we’ve advocated for in many earlier posts. Use your camera’s fill flash!!

Why would anyone use a flash in the bright sun. The answer is evident in the photos above. Without a flash the subjects would be in dark shadow or silhouette. Read the earlier post for details on this technique. You should be using it anytime you capture outdoor portraits. Your family photos will improve dramatically.

Beach Photo Tip #6 – Look the Other Way

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Here’s another tip – look the other way. Not all beach photos need to include the ocean or setting sun. As we mentioned in the intro, the beach is a place brimming with energy. Walk around, keep your eyes peeled for acrobats or flying cars.

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Beach Photo Tip #7 – Level Horizon

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Please check your horizon to make sure it’s level. Either introduce a significant tilt, on purpose, or try to nail it. A slight tilt in the horizon will create a real problem especially for photos with a lot of negative space.

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Beach Photo Tip #8 – Stormy Weather

Orange County Wedding Photographers - BP73 (5)

Don’t discount stormy days. Sometimes the weather can be an integral part of the photo. Just be careful – the beach can be a dangerous place during severe storms.

Beach Photo Tip #9 – B&W

The beach can be colorful, especially during the Golden Hours, but that doesn’t mean you can’t capture some interesting black and white photos.

Beach Photo Tip #10 – Fun & Practice

I could probably come up with a tenth technique tip but – how about this one? Be sure to grab your camera next time  you head out to the beach and have some fun. If you don’t live near a beach – come and visit us here in Southern California. We’d be thrilled to show you our favorite spots and help you master these beach photography tips.

Feel free to show off some of your own beach photographs. In the meantime, stay tuned because more Tuesday Photo Tips are right around the corner. Better yet – be updated automatically by “friending” our Facebook site.

PS – This is one of dozens of photo tips in our continuing Tuesday Photo Tips series of posts. There  are other resource articles on our site you may enjoy covering basic and more advanced photography topics. There are also tips covering topics such as preparing for family or infant/child portrait sessions. If you would like a topic covered just jot it down in a comment or send us a note.

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